A curious girl investigates the mysterious disintegration of her paper world.

The idea for this project came from experiments I was doing with animated textures, as well as an increasing obsession with the feel, smell and sounds of libraries and books. An urban legend about bookworms infesting a library served as the binding agent for these ingredients.

I decided to use traditional techniques whenever possible, to best show the tactile qualities of paper. The majority of the animation was drawn by hand on standard copy paper, using charcoal, watercolor and spray paint for background textures. The animated paper effects were created with a giant stack of paper, charcoal, and an electric sander. It was then shot stop-motion style with a digital camera and composited in After Effects.

6 min 42 sec, color, stereo. Available formats: HDCAM, DigiBeta, Betacam SP, DVD.

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© 2015 Keren Albala

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